Thursday, September 29, 2011


Found something quite interesting on the Internet.

So here's the repost, specially for those who love to think.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ever wondered why we, human beings, always appreciate something only after we've lost it?
I know I do.

Yes, mistakes are made. It is an inescapable fact.
But they are made only to learn, only to move on in life.
Filling our life with regrets is not something that should be welcomed.

Today, I looked back at my previous relationship.
I realised that I've lost someone who accepted me for who I am.

Who knew?
It has taken me almost a year to realize this fact.
That I've lost someone rare and important to me.

Coincidentally, she has found someone new. On this very day itself.
Painful, yes. But I couldn't wish for anything more, than for her to be happy.

So if somehow, you stumble across this post..
Congratulations once again. And I wish you two well.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


You tell me to go for it. You encouraged me. You made me break the walls surrounding me, and then you withdraw.. leaving me exposed.

I'm no Mantra, but I can tell you this.. I'm going to build back those walls, make them even stronger than before. So that when the time comes, they will never break down again.


Pretty sure that this blog now has, absolutely no one following it.
After all, it has been more than a year since I last came here.

So why am I back?
Last I recall, a blog allows one to express themselves does it not?
That being said.. With close to zero people seeing this, I guess it's fine to let my inner thoughts run free.

There's just so many unanswered questions in my head right now. And I'm sure that everyone can relate to that statement.
So what are mine?
These are only a few of the many I want answered.

What am I to you? Do I even have any value in your life?
Do you know what you're doing? If you do, then why?
Do you understand the consequences of your actions?
Is this what you truly want?
Are the hints you give off real?

I, out of disbelief, really want some answers to these questions.

A piercing pain is present in my heart.
It has been killing me inside, though I don't show it.
After all, I am good at hiding things. I am good at deception. You, of all people, know that.
The sleepless nights, the ever-wandering thoughts, the quiet moments within our conversations.
Need I mention more?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Next

I'm sorry blog for neglecting you.
I'm sorry readers for providing such a boring blog.

But all this is going to change..
WHEN I get my camera back from my gf.

I actually have some things to post up, so yeah. Just hold on a little.
As for now.. I have two things in my mind.

  1. Sam --> I'd like it if you'd get lost, pls and thank you. No not you Samantha, I meant that weird blog reader that posted in my chatbox.
  2. My finals are in three weeks. Wish me luck! I know I need it. (It also means less time for blogging again) Sigh =(

----------- edits --------------

My gf just said I updated my blog about updating my blog.
Made me realise how epic fail it sounds. Hahahaha!